And She Was A Star (lovexyax2) wrote in dattebayo_still,
And She Was A Star

Mod Post

Since this community is brand new, I still need to find some mods and banner makers for it. I am looking for 2 or 3 mods, and at least 5 banner makers. You may apply for a mod position, banner maker position, or both. Comment on this post with your application. Comments are screened!

Mod's Job in the Comm
-Giving a theme to the comm every two or three weeks (depending on how many mods the comm will have)
-Putting all submissions for your week into the community's photobucket account
-Putting up the voting and winners for your week
-Making sure there is no breaking of the rules in the comm

Mod Application

At this moment, we have 3 mods, which I feel is enough to manage this comm, which means I will not be considering anymore applications for the mod position =]

Banner Maker Application
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